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Built by recruiters with a passion for recruiting

Since 2001 Recruitment Systems has been making recruiters more effective by developing, delivering and supporting the operational systems which support recruitment best practice.

Candidate care is the most critical part of recruitment, and TRIS was built on the philosophy of the highest possible degree of candidate care. With TRIS your candidates will not be left wondering what has happened to their application - and to quote Greg Savage, "to a candidate no news is news".

(By the way: we strongly recommend Greg's blog: http://gregsavage.com.au/the-savage-truth/ )

Recruitment Systems Products

TRIS – the Total Recruitment Information System – is all about minimising admin and letting recruiters recruit. Our innovative recruitment software solutions are used all over the world by recruitment agencies of different sizes with different objectives. They all use us because our recruitment software is very powerful, intuitive, simple to use, highly customisable and highly automated.

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Our Team

Led by CEO, Neil Bolton, the Recruitment Systems team comprises talented professionals with exceptional skills and knowledge in recruiting management, customer support and training, consulting, software engineering and architecture, sales, marketing and solid executive management. At our core is a passion for the recruitment industry, a vision to see it reach its full potential, and a desire for good recruitment practices to genuinely improve economies.

Our Offices

The Recruitment Systems Head Office is in Canberra, Australia. The global support centre is also based in Canberra and provides support services for our clients across the globe. Recruitment Systems has clients all over the world and our systems and technological infrastructure allow us to provide excellent service to all clients regardless of location.

Our Difference

Combining exceptional human resources and superior technologies, Recruitment Systems has developed a business strategy like no other software company. Our products facilitate the personal and professional development of your existing staff, making them into better, more effective recruiters. TRIS is changing the face of human-capital management, and our team is relentless in their pursuit of new ideas, concepts and technology to ensure you are provided with the optimum solution for your recruitment software.

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