More than just a buzz word

Progress and improvement are wonderful things, but not if they result in long-lasting negative side effects. Businesses and organisations (including Recruitment Systems) must strive for sustainable practices now and into the future.

Recruitment Systems is committed to being good corporate citizen and considering the environment in our business activities. 

A sustainable office

Recruitment Systems works hard to run a sustainable office. Some of the ways we achieve this are:

  • practically paperless office – email and online communications makes paper rare around here
  • minimise travel – wherever possible we meet via video conferencing and communicate online
  • office set up – office arrangement to avoid large heating or cooling needs
  • green procurement – we purchase green alternatives wherever possible

So how can Recruitment Systems help you?

Recruitment Systems can help you to adopt sustainable practices too. TRIS has been designed to automate many of the processes normally undertaken in person on paper. Using TRIS, multiple people can view the same information on their own screen in their own time reducing the need to print hard copies. Notations, comments and all correspondence is also created and produced electronically.

Our recruitment software creates efficiencies meaning more is achieved in less time using fewer resources.

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