Recruitment Software Buyer's Guide

The Definitive Guide to buying Recruitment Software

Don’t look for recruitment software, look for a way to organise, manage and grow your business.

This guide is intended to help to lead you through the recruitment software evaluation process. With this information you should be able to prepare a short list of recruitment systems and then select the product that most effectively addresses your business needs.

There are literally hundreds of recruitment software products available. The market is extremely fragmented and each system has its own unique costs and benefits. There are many various types of applications which can be termed recruitment software.

There are free entry-level contact management products, sales and marketing automation systems, and complete packages which interface with your website and back-end accounting packages to manage every interaction with suppliers, candidates, clients and staff.

The enterprise packages have all sorts of bells and whistles but you must not let these features let you lose sight of the business case for recruitment software. So instead of comparing features and technologies based on the number of features, we advocate a focus on usability, on the level of automation and on the system’s ability to facilitate best-practice workflows.

Read on to understand the key steps in the process:

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