Allison Guy-Ritchie: Managing Director, PCA People

We've been using TRIS for almost 10 years now, and it has made a significant contribution to our business. It allows us to focus on the important things like customer care and keeping in touch with our candidates. I feel strongly that TRIS has been a really good business decision, and a strong contributor to our profitability.

"TRIS has been a really good business decision"

Keith Cantlie: Managing Director, Cantlie Recruitment

With the implementation of TRIS, we're able to create talent pools of candidates so that we're ready when an opportunity arises. TRIS helps us share data between the resourcing and support teams, which means the consultant doesn't have to be tied to their desk. TRIS has made us competitive in the market, and given us the tools to be out there and compete.

"TRIS has made us competitive in the market"

Karen Paxton: CEO, Public Affairs Recruitment Company

We needed a system that would bring a sense of order to what we are doing. TRIS takes care of all of those administrative tasks, so that we can focus on building the business. We have a strong reputation for being on top of our game, and TRIS allows us to respond quickly to opportunities. TRIS is the central nervous system of the business, and helps us maintain and protect our corporate memory. 

"TRIS is the central nervous system of the business"

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