Recruitment Systems is a global software company specialising in process automation solutions for recruitment professionals. The core offering is TRIS – the Total Recruitment Information System - and has been specifically designed to achieve recruitment best-practice through workflow automation and advanced task management.

To support your use of TRIS, we provide a range of training, consulting, technical, and support services designed to ensure you get the maximum value from your investment in your recruitment system.

These services include:

Training and Knowledge Transfer

Our approach to training and knowledge transfer is closely aligned to best-practice adult learning principles. Our approach is to deliver training in the most efficient and cost effective way for both our clients and Recruitment Systems.

Our training toolkit ensures efficient transfer of knowledge to your users and administrators, and we closely match our training and consulting to suit your business needs. All training is conducted in consultation with your company and within your existing training systems. Learn more.

Professional Services

TRIS Professional Services is a package of value-add solutions designed to maximise the performance of TRIS, and ensures you maximise the productivity benefits from your recruitment investment.

These services provide a range of business benefits including integrity of your data, process improvement, optimised workflow, granular business reporting and performance metrics, systems integration, and technical support and trouble-shooting. Learn more.


The TRIS Support teams in Australia and Singapore are a highly skilled group of technical consultants available 14 hours per business day to support TRIS customers. We respect the fact that your recruitment system is central to business operations, and unlike many software vendors we provide live telephone support in addition to traditional email-based escalation channels. Our consultants are standing by to respond to your needs. Learn more.

After a quick tutorial, we were up and running in 30 minutes, which for business responsiveness is the Holy Grail.
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