About TRIS

TRIS doesn't try to do your job – it lets YOU do your job

  • TRIS automates more process than any other recruitment system 
  • TRIS makes recruiters’ lives easier and more productive
  • Unlike traditional systems recruiters actually use TRIS

Developed and enhanced over many years, the strength of TRIS lies in its incredible automation. More than a recruitment database, it parses emails, scans resumes, manages and creates documents, enters data, syncs with HR websites and job ads, emails applicants, and syncs with your calendar and job seeker websites like Monster and Seek - all automatically.  TRIS – the Total Recruitment Information System – offers the most powerful start-to-finish tools for increasing your placement ratio and growing your client base. Rather than just focusing on candidates, TRIS gives your recruiters the tools to effectively promote your agency to clients.

TRIS has been built by recruiters for recruiters and is designed to fully support and develop candidate and client relationships – with the goal of allowing recruiters to focus on recruitment, not admin. 

Key business benefits

How much is your time worth?

By combining the best aspects of e-recruitment, applicant tracking, candidate and client relationship management (CRM), and correspondence tracking, the TRIS recruitment software solution also provides important feedback and statistics on any performance indicator you like. Plus its seamless integration with common office software means it reduces and perfects your workflow rather than adding to it.

You will save countless admin hours by using TRIS for your recruitment – whether you're recruiting 22 staff or 10,022 staff – hours you can put to better use recruiting great people.

You are a professional recruiter. How much is your time worth?

We are extremely impressed with the TRIS Support Team’s attitude, willingness and ability to help

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