Applicant Tracking

Managing the complete applicant workflow

TRIS incorporates an easy-to-use applicant tracking system in its recruitment software solution that helps staffing agencies and recruiting departments automatically track job openings, candidate details, resumes and contacts. TRIS allows you to spend less time on the process and more time on finding the right candidate.

Applicant Tracking

Through its powerful automation and customisable communications, TRIS is able to offer a more personalised service to applicants by keeping them just as up-to-date as your clients.

Key business benefits

  • dynamic communications
  • capture and store complete applicant history
  • manage the full spectrum of applicant workflow
  • applicant information profile automatically built in seconds
  • match previous applicants to new jobs
  • powerful bulk processing
  • record additional data such as availability, skills test scores and previous interview results

No comparison

TRIS applicant tracking is more efficient than email and simpler to use than any other recruitment software.

I’ll probably never change from TRIS. It’s just too good a system.

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