Versatile and adaptable

TRIS integrates seamlessly with most contemporary systems. This means that when you implement TRIS in your agency, it works with you not against you.

Integration is key to a successful software implementation. Unlike many other recruitment software solutions, TRIS has been designed by recruiters who know the business. From the ground up it has been developed to integrate with, and encourage, best practice recruitment.

TRIS's versatility and adaptability means you don't have to change your processes if you don't want to. 

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Back office integration

TRIS keeps the back office functioning in a unified way.

  • upload to job boards through TRIS (including Seek, Broadbean, My Career, CareerOne, JobServe, Jobstreet and more)
  • leverage social media sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter
  • integrates with financial and payroll systems including MYOB, SAP, Xero, Reckon (formerly Quicken), Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains), Sage MicrOpay, Astute Payroll and more.

Essentially TRIS easily integrates with any system that accepts an XML feed.

Front end integration

TRIS ensures your public face is simple, intuitive and works with you, not against you. 

  • receive applications from job boards directly
  • gatekeeper holds candidate applications ready for review by the consultant
  • Outlook integration for communication, task and calendar syncing

Enabling business

TRIS integrates with your existing business practices and processes to help you achieve your targets and objectives. TRIS doesn't change the way you do business, it enables you to do business faster, more efficiently with straight forward front and back office integration.

Enable your business by contacting Recruitment Systems and getting started with TRIS.

The reason we went for TRIS was that it was easy to implement.

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