Business Intelligence

Optimise resources, drive revenue and outperform the competition

Through TRIS Business Intelligence you will gain a deeper understanding of your business and marketplace. You will identify potential opportunities and avoid risks. With this knowledge and understanding you'll forge ahead of your competitors by making smart decisions faster and with more confidence, backed up with in-depth business analysis.  

The key to TRIS recruitment software solution's Business Intelligence is its flexibility. It delivers standard, ad hoc and fully-customisable reporting functionality to chart business performance and give you not just the information you want, but also the information you need.

TRIS Business Intelligence

Key business benefits

  • gain a competitive edge by using your data for in-depth analysis
  • analyse past trends and forecast future ones
  • understand multidimensional data through simple graphs and metrics
  • recognise and act on new business opportunities and risks
  • improve the ROI of your information systems 
  • generate ad hoc reports to meet changing information needs
  • distribute clear and relevant information to key decision-makers

Knowledge builds success

TRIS Business Intelligence analyses your business data to empower you with clear and detailed reports. Business Intelligence prepares customised reports from within TRIS to help managers monitor and review information crucial to your success.

View up-to-the-minute or historical business information to leverage your data and gain a competitive edge with TRIS Business Intelligence.

Contact us today to see how the TRIS Business Intelligence module can improve the way you operate.

TRIS keeps us on track and focused.

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