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Creating the right recruitment environment online

e-Recruitment describes a range of e-business technologies designed specifically for recruiters who encourage new candidates to apply for jobs online

One of the key challenges of using online job applications is that many candidates see the internet as a way to apply for multiple jobs without adequately addressing the selection criteria. TRIS e-recruitment tools offer all the functionality you want, while filtering unwanted applications.

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TRIS e-Recruitment tools

  • Job Search – connects TRIS directly with your website so new jobs can be posted immediately. With Job Search, candidates can apply for jobs directly through your website
  • Candidate Registration – helps you efficiently build your candidate database with screening tools to identify high-quality candidates and filter out inappropriate ones
  • Candidate Profile – gives your candidates the ability to develop and change their contact information and update their CV
  • Job Centre – allows your clients to submit and update new jobs and review account activity. Adding this functionality to your website gives your clients a clear record of your current progress and your past accomplishments
  • Web Timesheets – allows temps and contractors to submit timesheets through your website automatically with minimal effort from your clients and your recruiters.

Perfect harmony

TRIS e-Recruitment provides real-time integration with the full range of popular online job boards. TRIS e-Recruitment Modules support job search, applicant registration and profiling, job submission, and timesheet management. 

Your website and your recruitment software will work perfectly together to increase your service levels without increasing your workload. These five e-Recruitment tools are the engines that transform your recruitment website into an automated client and candidate relationship builder.

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