Outlook Integration

Simplify your inbox

Email is a recruiter's primary channel for receiving resumes and job descriptions. Calendars help you maintain important client meetings, interviews, candidate calls and task lists. So, it’s critical your recruitment software solution works seamlessly with both.

Outlook screenshotOutlook integration enables candidate and client engagement and tracking, from the first ad or exploratory email. TRIS automatically captures all incoming and outgoing emails in the relevant client or candidate file as they arrive. Emails are stored within TRIS for easy access and can be responded to directly from TRIS or from Outlook and it's all recorded in the candidate's file.

When scheduling interviews or creating tasks in TRIS, your Outlook calendar and Task Manager will sync instantly. And because this is a two-way integration, whatever you do in TRIS is captured in Outlook and vice-versa so nothing is missed.

Key Business Benefits

  • review complete email history through TRIS
  • open workflow - all recruiters can see emails, communications and tasks through TRIS
  • quickly link emails, documents and attachments to candidates or jobs
  • create and manage calendar entries and task lists in TRIS or outlook with two-way syncing
  • fast, effective two-way integration keeps processes simple and reduces duplication
  • automatic diary sync across multiple users and devices
  • keeps communications and schedules organised

Inbox equals zero

TRIS is so effective at managing your inbox that at the end of the day you can expect all your emails to be filtered, organised, linked to the right candidate or job and for your inbox to be empty.

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