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Technology that complements business 

TRIS has been designed by experienced recruiters as a Total Recruitment Information System – but this doesn't mean that it tells you how to do your job.

Business drives TRIS, not the other way round. TRIS is built with a flexible architecture to work with your existing processes, work flows and systems so you can continue operating the way you want to operate. This means that your experience and knowledge can be combined with the powerful features of TRIS to create best-practice recruitment.

TRIS Features and Benefits

Key business benefits

  • fully customisable to support your philosophy and business practices
  • identifies bottlenecks to aid process improvement
  • optimise workflows for better outcomes
  • Enforces good recruitment process, and ensures that your team complete mandatory steps every time
  • track KPIs to meet and define objectives, and improve efficiency
  • allows you to tailor the nitty gritty, like mandatory fields in forms and colour-schemes
  • operates in most Asian and European languages

The backbone to better recruitment

TRIS supports your agency in all its objectives. Built with a flexible architecture, you are able to configure TRIS to provide as much capability as you need. If you need Business Intelligence and e-Recruitment Tools, add them in. If you don't, leave them out. Simply add the layers you need.

Talk to Recruitment Systems about the perfect TRIS installation for your agency. 

The TRIS Support Team are keen, determined and have a great telephone manner. And better yet they fix things

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