Improve Efficiency

Understand your business like never before

TRIS – the Total Recruitment Information System – gets to the heart of your business and gives you an edge over your competitors.

With TRIS, you will be able to measure KPIs and analyse your business data to gain a deeper understanding of your business, the industry and your position in the marketplace. You will see opportunities before your competitors and avoid taking unnecessary risks.

You will also greatly reduce your admin. You will find the right candidate faster and more easily with TRIS. You will be equipped with powerful tools to communicate with clients and candidates. With one click you start building relationships with new clients and candidates.

TRIS improves efficiency

Key business benefits

  • improve financial performance with in-depth analysis and metrics
  • eliminate administrative tasks and focus purely on revenue-generating recruitment
  • make more placements and screen more candidates in less time
  • improve client satisfaction with dynamic communication
  • improve candidate relationships by keeping them informed with automatic email and SMS messaging at all stages of the recruitment process
  • improve employee satisfaction by eliminating boring and repetitive tasks and allowing recruiters to focus on relationship-building
  • optimise workflows by giving all recruiters access to centralised recruitment data and files

Things just keep getting better

TRIS tracks your performance automatically. After implementing the system, clients will start to notice improvements to their KPIs displayed by TRIS. TRIS will help you make more placements, screen more candidates, and retain more clients. Your recruiters will have more time to interview candidates and to visit clients.

TRIS will help you recognise the best new opportunities by calculating the quality of a new job order automatically. The higher the quality score, the more profitable the job is likely to be because you will have a greater chance of filling the job. 

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