TRIS speaks to everyone

Recruitment doesn't just happen in English. Available in many different languages, including those that don't use the English alphabet, TRIS is a truly global application.

Spanish, Mandarin, German, Japanese, Sanskrit are just some of the multitude of languages that TRIS is fluent in. This means that whether you are dealing with clients and candidates from non-English backgrounds, or you have offices around the world, TRIS is still a recruiter's best friend.

TRIS in Japanese

Key business benefits

  • broaden your horizons by speaking to a global marketplace
  • build exciting international business opportunities
  • offer your clients an international perspective
  • translate candidate and client data across multiple languages
  • use TRIS in your agencies in Tokyo, Melbourne, Beijing and Jakarta
  • encourage candidate mobility by linking local candidates to international opportunities and vice-versa

An international perspective

e-Recruitment allows recruiters to tap into overseas markets like never before. TRIS opens up international doorways like no other recruitment software solution can.

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