Optimise Workflow

Build relationships, improve processes, recruit more

With TRIS from Recruitment Systems, your recruiters will be supported by a powerful relationship management system.

Your recruiters will communicate more effectively and your system will guide workflow based on best-practice recruitment principles. TRIS won't tell you how to do your job, but it will save you time by giving you logical tools for applicant tracking and client relationship management to optimise existing workflows

Most recruitment software packages only give you the basic tools to help you recruit. With TRIS, you will benefit from a total recruitment management solution.

TRIS optimises workflow

Key business benefits

  • be guided through workflows 
  • your recruiters remain focused purely on placing candidates and pleasing clients
  • allows one staff member to pick up where another left off
  • your recruiters are guided through your system with simple video tutorials
  • you have the power to customise your system through sophisticated administrator tools
  • managers and recruiters with only basic computer skills can perform all tasks in your workflow with ease

Simplify recruitment, speed up placements

You need systems which guide your workflow without forcing you to change the way you place a candidate. TRIS guides workflow based on your needs. Recruitment Systems has worked with recruiters in 20 countries each with its own culture, style and workflows. To accommodate for these differences, the TRIS recruitment software solution has been built to be flexible, customisable and easy-to-use.

It's time to contact Recruitment Systems and get ahead of the pack.

It’s our ‘bible’ now and critical to our business. There is still nothing as good as TRIS out there.

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