Reduce Bottlenecks

Keeping the workflow flowing...

Bottlenecks are often hard to identify and even harder to fix. Yet, they limit your profitability more than most other factors.

Recruitment Systems can work with you to identify tasks in your agency which can be eliminated or automated by TRIS

Our team of highly experienced recruiters know all the common operational bottlenecks and will quickly spot the less common ones in your organisation too. 

TRIS reduces bottlenecks

Key business benefits

  • track KPIs and business intelligence automatically to identify operational bottlenecks  
  • generate personalised business documents with one click
  • assess the quality of a job to help prioritise your workload
  • record all candidate and client correspondence including SMS and email attachments
  • post your jobs to multiple job boards
  • nurture client relationships with promotion management features
  • keep candidates informed through professional messages sent at key milestones of the recruitment process
  • eliminate data duplication through sophisticated filtering
  • find the documents you need in seconds with an integrated best-practice enterprise search engine (ISYS)
  • quickly send bulk email or SMS to clients and candidates
  • reformat CVs in one click to tailor the document to your needs
  • easily share information about clients and candidates within your business
  • allow candidates to update their details through your website

Just say 'no' to bottlenecks

It's time to end the frustration and time wasting

By eliminating or automating bottlenecks in your processes, you will find that your admin costs will be cut, your productivity will improve and so will your bottom line.

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